The most beautiful feature a retaining wall can offer is when it enhances nature itself.

Creating a beautiful landscape with manufactured concrete block is creating something that will last forever.

retaining wall

Landscape block surrounds this common area with a sitting wall and a retaining wall.

pyzique planter

Pyzique and lawn edgers were used in this project. The lawn edger is buried, creating a surface for a lawn mower wheel. This design eliminates the need for any trimming after mowing.

retaining wall block

We manufacture many different styles of patio stones. No matter what your style is, you are sure to find a patio stone that would look great around your house.

Welcome to St. Vrain Block Company

High Quality Concrete Products

Over the years, St. Vrain Block Company has built a reputation on producing high-quality structural block, retaining wall systems, patio stones and pavers. We routinely submit our block for testing to ensure that our products meet and exceed the ASTM specifications. Our products can only be as quality and consistent as the raw materials we use to manufacture them. That is why we constantly ensure we buy our aggregates, cement, admixtures and color from top-quality producers.

We are a favorite with our contract manufacturing customers. These national companies depend on us to provide their jobs with block that exceed the specified requirements. Every time we manufacture a job, it's not just our reputation on the line but also the reputation of the system. If we look great, they look great.

Our staff is devoted to producing high-quality products and we try to make sure they have the right tools. We place a lot of importance on the training and education of our employees and the maintenance of our equipment.

pavers patio stones retaining wall blocks      

Large Selection of Landscaping Products

St. Vrain Block Company boasts the greatest variety of manufactured concrete products available from one manufacturer.

We have a large selection of patio stones and edging block. We offer several different kinds of retaining wall systems from large to small. Our pavers come in many shapes and sizes. Our structural line is complete with all the halves and ashlars. We even make screen block, splash block, car stops and surface soil retention block.

Our manufacturing facility is located on 35 acres in Weld County, Colorado. Because of that, we are able to maintain large inventories of all of our products.

pavers patio stones retaining wall blocks      

Business Office Hours

Phone: 303.833.4144

April 1st thru October 31st
Monday - 7am - 3:00pm
Tuesday - Friday 7am - 4:30pm
Saturday - 7am - 3:00pm
Sunday: Closed

November1st thru March 31st
Monday - Friday 7am - 4:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Retail Yard Winter Hours: Weather Dependent. Please Call First.

pavers patio stones retaining wall blocks      


We maintain current memberships and certifications in the following quality and safety associations:

astm  colorado safety association  astm

pavers patio stones retaining wall blocks      

The Reference Library

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Below are some of the most commonly requested documents, brochures and information. Let us know if you have a special request!

Product Brochures

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Quantity Estimate

Each project has unique characteristics or challenges. Using your measurements, we will provide an estimate of product quantity necessary for your project. Call us at 303-833-4144 or contact us online with your request.

Installation Tips

We can recommend various Landscape Professionals or, if you are the 'Do-It-Yourself' type, we provide these helpful installation instructions.

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Glossary of Terms

Every industry has quirky terms that can be confusing especially if the product names sound alike, but are actually not comparable at all in quality or intended use. Contact us if you have any questions.

Glossary of Terms