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Utility Bricks are often used as an effective edging stone. They are an inexpensive solution to a need for a flat border between a lawn and garden area.

garden boarder

This block is best suited for bordering straight or widely curved areas as opposed to small or tight curves.

Additionally, the available utility block colors match a multitude of other products so a coordinated lanscaping project is very easy to plan.

retail yard

If you have tight curves in your landscaping plan, our landscaping edging stone is often a better solution.

We manufacture our own splash block and car stops. These types of products are normally precast, but we have figured out how to make them on our block machines.

A simple splash block can eventually save a foundation and a car stop can be a great safety asset. As simple maintenance and precautionary products for every homeowner, they are effective and worthwhile!

Last but not least is our Pocket Block. This block is 8" tall, has an 11" square base and tapers to an 8" square top. There is a 4" square hole in the top of the block, which receives a 4" x 4" wood post.

Using the Pocket Block is the easy way to build a deck. Instead of digging holes, all you have to do is level the ground; and instead of messing with concrete, all you have to do is place your 4" x 4" into the void in the block.

Utility Concrete Block Products

Our concrete utility brick is a multi-purpose concrete block product. It is often used as an economical way to create paths, patios, borders and much more.

Our splash block is reinforced and really heavy duty. The car stops we make are great for residential driveways and garages. The pocket block's purpose is to make building your own deck easier. The block is designed to hold the 4" x 4" vertical support in your deck. They are also placed under the 2" x 4" horizontal support to add greater integrity to the deck. Of course, pocket block is not limited to decks, it can be used anywhere a 4" x 4" post needs to be supported.

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Edging (836k)

Utility Bricks

Available in the following colors:

shape size (w" x h" x l") lbs./ea #/pallet #/sq. ft.
Utility 3.625" x 2.25" x 7.625" 4.5 540 4.5

pavers patio stones retaining wall blocks      

Splash Block

Available in the following colors:

shape size (w" x l") lbs./ea #/pallet #/sq. ft.
Rectangle 12" x 36" 77 30 n/a

pavers patio stones retaining wall blocks      

Pocket Block

Available in the following colors:

shape size (w" x h" x l") lbs./ea #/pallet #/sq. ft.
Block 12" square base
8" tall
8" square top
52.5 60 n/a

pavers patio stones retaining wall blocks      

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Glossary of Terms

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