Convenient access to the I-25 corridor and our 35-acre facility allows us the space to maintain large quantities of a diverse inventory. So, solar panel manufacturers or installers, alike can benefit from St. Vrain Block's wide range of sizes and weights of quality Solar Ballast Block.

We have been ASTM International Certified serving the Colorado and Rocky Mountain Front Range manufacturing quality concrete block products since 1934. Our products surpass the requirements of ASTM C1491 for compressive strength, density and absorption. They also exceed the ASTM C1262 requirements for freeze/thaw durability.

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Solar Ballast Block

solar ballast block

As solar power has become a modern solution to the quest for energy the need for Solar Ballast Block products has emerged. St. Vrain Block is excited to introduce our ASTM International Certified Solar Ballast Block product line.

Solar panels in zero-penetration, flat-roof applications require ballast weight to secure the panel to the roof. Applications include flat roofs when non-penetrating options are preferred. Solar ballast block provides the dispersion of point loads without the need for penetrating roofing materials.

This is a critical common factor in Colorado and surrounding states' where the tendency for high wind areas and above average snowfall abound.

We manufacture several sizes and weights of products that are specifically designed for the strict quality requirements of the solar panel industry.

solar panels block

High compressive strength and density combined with low absorption are important to the long-term durability of the concrete. Lower-quality concrete can deteriorate in under a decade due to the aggressive freeze/thaw environment that the roofs and the ballasts create.

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We are the preferred supplier for many solar panel installers and manufacturers throughout the entire Western United States. We supply the entire Rocky Mountain Front Range from Montana to New Mexico including the Nebraska and Kansas heartland as well as the entire Pacific coastal region.

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